Shall I return home. I think not. I’ve gone walkabout. Intoxicating freedom.

Bend oregon | Walkabouts

Come Walkabout with me in a beautiful location near Bend, Oregon to experience behind-the-scenes with a professional photographer. As I photograph, I’ll explain my process and answer your questions about making art in nature. Over the course of two hours, I’ll also breakdown the foundational principles of landscape art: how to slow down, how to understand your vision and pre-visualize a scene, how to express subject and see light. We’ll discuss observation and technical choices, experience the pleasure of quiet and understand how this work fits into a larger narrative.

These two hour sessions are an intimate portrait of a landscape artist at work. If you love art and nature, join me. My studio is nature, my art is the landscape and my tool is the camera.

session / $50

limit is 8 people per walkabout

I currently have several Walkabout locations scheduled. Select Reserve Your Spot to see available dates, times and locations.

A few takeaways:

  • Watching a professional work in the field
  • Looking at light, composition and subject
  • Relating what you feel and see into an image
  • Subject isolation and how it makes for a better image
  • Equipment choice decisions
  • And much more...

I am a professional landscape photographer artist with 15 years of passionate experience photographing mountains, deserts, coasts, forests and water. I walk countless miles of backcountry terrain and follow little-used roads in search of images. Photography is my artistic obsession.

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bend oregon | kids walkabout


kiddos + nature + Images

I have a nature kid and we’ve been exploring the wilds with her since she was tiny.  Being a landscape photographer, it was creatively wonderful to switch gears when we were out exploring and photograph my girl out in nature. It made me a better photographer, and I get phenomenal images of our little one exploring. 

Join me for two hours outside in a kid-friendly location where I’ll show you simple techniques to get better images of your kids. We’ll spend time together in a beautiful natural area in Bend, Oregon with plenty of time for play and exploration while capturing candid, fun images.

session / $50

Launching June 2017

limit to 5 kids, ages 3 and up with a parent 

A few takeaways:

  • Seeing your kids on their level
  • The no posing pose
  • Looking at light, composition and color
  • Telling a story
  • Subject isolation and how it makes for a better image
  • And much more...