It all began on a petrified sand dune deep in the Paria Wilderness. A quiet, desert sunrise spent in quiet solitude.  It was here I saw a life eternal, spread like some artistic blanket covering me from this spot to Yosemite, from the Olympics to the Badlands, from deep Mojave to the wet coast of Oregon. I sat this morning like I would sit many more mornings to come, in poetic bliss. My camera framed and ready before me, my life spread out to the landscapes of uncertain future trips. This simple artistic existence has been the primary guide of my life.


A Journey

What is this journey for,
With time so short

Down long narrow tunnels,
Death stares at us all

The why is unimportant,
That endless search for belief

You have to be there,
To experience the world

What is this journey for,
That is up to you