My Methods

Just once in life, Unburden thyself, Disappear into a landscape,
A letting go made hard, By the noise of life

If this quieted, To disappear into a landscape
Is to find yourself

My Methods

The elephant in the room is this: Most photography teachers start you with technique and equipment, the 'how' of taking an image. I want to understand what you see and express to you the art of observation and pre-visualization before we talk about tools and equipment. Technique in capturing an image is important, and has its place, but it's not first. With the plethora of photography equipment available, there is so much room to play. Let's go play.

My Teaching

  • understanding your artistic vision
  • the art of pre-visualization
  • looking at light, shape and tonalities
  • how to see possibility in any scene or subject
  • how to see what others miss
  • approach gear in a completely new way
  • and so much more..

I've dedicated my artistic life to the mastery of photography and through that I'm continually learning, experimenting, seeking and trying to new things to further my understanding. Photographing mountains, deserts, coasts, forests, water, the landscape, i say passion but photography is a medium ripe for experimentation and I find continued joy in learning new techniques, historical and contemporary.

I walk countless miles of backcountry terrain and follow little-used roads in search of images. Photography is my artistic obsession.