Go Make Art...

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Art is our universal language. It has no cultural boundary for it is the fingerprint of our shared humanity. It is a shared gift we all posses. We have long forgotten the struggles of the upper paleolithic peoples of Southern Europe; their societal, political or environmental hardships, but their art lives into the twenty first century, and it still sends its audience into silent reverence when they stand below those impressive cave paintings of Lascaux. Arts universal language is as ubiquitous as mathematics and as maddeningly complex. And like the language of numbers it can be used to express deep truths, emotions or ideas. Art is ultimately indefinable, it is simply felt. Felt in the act of performing it, felt in standing before it, felt without the need for verbal explanation.

And because of this, throughout time, the artist has been better poised to explain the seemingly unexplainable. Using the interaction of light and sound and mind the artist can express the abstracted questions of our nature. And do it in a kind of philosophical ambiguity that drives some to outrage and others to personal revelation.

I implore you to go make art. At first it'll feel silly and strange. The self conscience awkwardness will pervade every shutter click, brush stroke, drum beat or word written and yet I implore you to throw that page away and do it again. Change your tools if need be, for they are but a mechanism; stack rocks, hang pine needle lace work, get a box of chalk and color a sidewalk, poor water over it all and step barefoot into the mix, don't think just create. And then it happens. Something you did strikes a cord, you don't quite understand it but it makes some deep sense. You'll show it to someone, and they'll thumb their nose and not get it. But that doesn't matter.

The pursuance of art is solitary, and most won't care what you say or how you struggled. But one might see, might understand the fleeting grace that lived between you and your piece. Does it matter, the pursuit is yours alone. But the end is all of ours to share.

Scott MansfieldComment