A Conversation with the landscape

Art is described in many ways. The meaning is endlessly debated and in the end becomes hyper personal if you yourself attempt to create it. Some seek beauty where others don’t or can’t see it, while others seek a truth or a reality they deem necessary. I don’t always know what I seek when I photograph the landscape. Sometimes all I’m after is simple beauty, almost postcard, which I’ve always internally railed against but if I‘m honest the truth is I still get swayed by a beautiful scene. At other times I seek something more than simple beauty, I search for something that isn’t there to others, and it is then I become a watcher of things. A watcher of wind, of water, of rocks overhead. When you become proficient with your medium the mental manipulation of a scene becomes second nature. I can switch my minds eye between black and white film and digital color. I can see what I want to eliminate and what I want to keep. These are the intimate times of being a nature artist, when being human fades to the background and what is left is a raw conversation with the landscape, about the elemental things that make art so rich.

A conversation with the landscape, I like that.