Field Trips - coming soon!

I want to help you make better images. Join me on a field trip in a beautiful location near Bend, Oregon to experience foundational principles of photographic art, how to slow down, how to pre-visualize a scene and express subject and of We’ll discuss observation and technical choices and experience the pleasure of nature photography

My studio is nature, my art is the landscape and my tool is the camera.

What you get out of a field trip:

  • Looking at light, composition and subject
  • Relating what you feel and see into an image
  • Subject isolation and how it makes for a better image
  • Equipment choice decisions
  • Being in a cool location around Eastern Oregon
  • And much more...

I've dedicated my life to the mastery of photography and have been a professional photographer artist for 15 years, photographing mountains, deserts, coasts, forests and water. I walk countless miles of backcountry terrain and follow little-used roads in search of images. Photography is my artistic obsession.