Field Trips

Reserve Your Adventure - Coming Spring 2018!

when the snow starts to melt and the clouds get amazing we'll be off to explore and photograph some amazing spots around the northwest... 



I teach how to see, not only how to capture. Seeing is about artistic meditation not simply camera body and lens choice. 

The push to create my own brand of photography classes and experiences was born on a foggy morning along the Oregon Coast. Our family had all gathered for a vacation and like so many mornings I had risen early to capture the morning light. My sister hopped in the car with me. We headed for Hug Point, just north of the town of Manzanita. It was low tide. A ribbon of fog was hanging just off shore and previously unseen rocks were dotting the lower beach. The light was soft and slightly diffuse, and the fog clouds were slowly rolling in from the ocean. I found three beautiful, large rocks in a trifecta configuration, and the simplicity of the layout was quite interesting. I setup my camera, framed and metered the scene for contrast, and waited. Like I often do, I just stood there thinking; thinking about fog, about how deep the shadow underneath the central rock would record on film, how much movement I wanted in the distant ocean. But I also took in the first birdsongs, the ceaseless background roar of ocean surf, that slightly sticky coastal air with just a hint of seaweed and salt. It was very peaceful. 

And when I turned around, my sister was equally content, just watching. I called her over to look through the viewfinder. I gave her my light meter and explained how to spot for contrast and scene movement, and generally described why I was photographing this particular subject.

My studio is nature, my art is the landscape and my tool is the camera.

What you get out of a field trip:

  • Looking at light, composition and subject
  • Relating what you feel and see into an image
  • Subject isolation and how it makes for a better image
  • Equipment choice decisions
  • And much more...

I've dedicated my life to the mastery of photography and have been a professional photographer artist for 15 years, photographing mountains, deserts, coasts, forests and water. I walk countless miles of backcountry terrain and follow little-used roads in search of images. Photography is my artistic obsession.