Current Projects

These are a few of my current Photo projects I'm working on


Metolius Tea

I'm currently working on redeveloping all of the tea imagery for Metolius Tea, a Bend Oregon based tea company that hand blends all their teas, buys from family oriented tea farms and works toward sustaining a socially and environmentally conscience business. Check them out at

We wanted to show the tea a bit more graphically but also be able to stay consistent across multiple tea ingredients. Showing a brewed example of each tea shows how beautiful the tea color.



GMT Games

I've been working with GMT Games, based in Hanford California, over the past year. We've been shooting their amazing catalog of games for a new website, social media and online presence. Their game titles are a model of artistic and intellectual craftsmasnship. The project presented an interesting problem; how do you show what is essentially flat cardboard in interesting, enticing and creative ways. 

Twilight Struggle-555.jpg
Fields of Fire-159.jpg