A Process in Collaboration 

I am an expert in my field. I went to school for it, it is my passion and I have dedicated my life to its pursuit. 

Commercial photography is a collaboration between the client and the photographer and I am here to help you. It starts with a conversation where we'll talk about what you need, what hasn't worked in the past and what your vision is.  One of the real joys in photography is helping a client see their business in a fresh way and that's why I'm here. I take your product, service, building or food and elevate to match your vision of what it represents.  


It begins with a phone call, or if you're in Bend Oregon, a cup of rich coffee or a pint of local beer. We talk, and through that develop ideas and concepts to build into a specialized project just for you and your company. I don't have a menu list of services, I tailor each project to the client in front me; from the initial collaboration of ideas to the final method of billing. I want you to feel comfortable, confident and at ease with the whole process.

Worried about the cost, don't be! I only charge for imagery; not for talking, collaborating or designing your unique project. If you just want to chat about a future idea to bank later, let's do it and it won't cost you a penny. And while we're on the topic of money, I can be as creative with billing as you need; from flexible payment options, spreading the cost out over several months to monthly subscriptions, we'll build the project around your budget and what you can afford. 

Not sure what you may need, send me a quick message below with any of your ideas and we'll go from there.